The stretch ceiling was created 35 years ago by the French Fernand Scherrer, but it is not yet well-known.

This system creates a perfectly smooth area, made up of a sheet in PVC which is tightened on the periphery of the walls thanks to specific tracks in PVC or aluminium.
You can have a quick installation of stretch ceilings or walls with a price ratio!
This solution offers several lighting systems and succeeds in hiding the imperfections of the original ceiling.
Its principal characteristic is adapting to any surface, any form, any situation, any place. Architects can use fantasy to make all the forms: curves, waves, 3D, etc.
Products advantages: quick installation, easy maintenance, stability, insensitivity to the moisture and durability!
Thanks to its look, the atmosphere is sophisticated and elegant!
Different possibilities of finishes: mat, satin, glossy, acoustical, printed, metallic and velvet.
All technical equipments (surveillance cameras, spots, ventilation, etc.) and all types of lights (fluorescent tubes, leds-RGB, etc.) can be incorporated.
Stretch ceilings or walls are the ideal solution for the creation of event structures (with any kind of lights and finishes).
Stretch ceilings are cheaper than the classic ones!

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